4 Questions For Selecting A Headset For A New Mother

Posted on: 12 December 2015

If you have a friend or family member who recently had a baby or is about to give birth, you may be wondering what type of present to get her. It is likely that the new parents have already purchased or recieved baby clothes, feeding supplies, and other newborn supplies so you may be at a loss for a truly useful gift for the new mother. One unique item you should consider is a headset. Since the new mother will likely have her hands full with her baby, a headset can allow her to communicate with her loved ones, stay up to date with her job, and listen to music or movies quietly while the baby is feeding or sleeping. If you want to get a new mother a headset she will appreciate, ask yourself the following questions. 

Will she use them on the phone or the computer?

Most headsets are designed to be used with a computer, mobile phone or landline phone but not all three. Computer headsets generally connect to a computer or tablet via a USB cable and mobile phone and landline phone headsets connect using a 2.5 mm headphone jack. However, with most telephone headsets, the user will be able to listen to media from a computer, they simply will not be able to use the microphone. Your first question should be whether she uses web apps and her laptop to stay connected or is more likely to use her mobile phone or landline. 

There are a few new models on the market that connect to a computer via USB and connect to a mobile phone via bluetooth at the same time. This means that the new mother could be watching a moving and not miss an incoming call from her mobile phone, all while not disturbing her baby. 

Should they be wireless or wired?

Wired headsets give you greater clarity, making it easier for a user to hear and be heard. This can be important for a new mother who might need to whisper or speak in a low voice around her baby. However, wireless headsets have the benefit of not having a cord that will hang down in the new baby's face. They also make the mother truly mobile, so she can move around her home while having a conversation. 

There are options that offer a detachable wired headset, so the new mother can have the quality she needs for professional calls but the freedom to move around when she is on personal calls. 

Do they need to be noise canceling?

Noise canceling and noise isolating features help the user concentrate on the sounds that are coming through the headset as opposed to the sounds around them. If the new mother in your life is planning to use this headset for work, she may want noise isolating headphones (which are better at minimizing high frequency sounds such as babies). However, if she plans to use them casually, noise canceling or noise isolating features may not be worth the extra cost. Additionally, she may feel nervous that she will not be able to hear when her baby is fussing for her if she uses these features. 

Will she want a single ear or dual ear headset?

You may want to consider single ear headset for new mothers. This will allow them to take calls and still be able to hear if their baby starts to cry or fuss. However, if the mother will be working from home, a dual ear headset will likely be more comfortable and allow her to concentrate on her calls. 

While a headset might not be the first gift you think of for a new mother, it allows you to show you care about her ability to stay connected to the world after the birth of her child. By asking yourself these four questions, you can select a quality headset that she is sure to appreciate. 

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