New Podcasts: 4 Ways To Promote A Show To College Students In-Person

Posted on: 18 May 2016

The key to a successful podcast is creating a base audience that can expand and help build listeners on a weekly basis. With so many podcasts available for download, it may be harder to reach people on a digital scale, but you could have better luck by reaching out to the listener directly. If your podcast audience is college students, then there are multiple ways that you can promote your podcast right on a college campus. Not only can you interact with potential fans, but you can create a more personal connection and build your audience from the ground up. As you look for ways to showcase a podcast to college students, there are four ways to promote it in-person and on a college campus. Utilize one or more of these methods to help build an audience and grow your listeners naturally.

Live Recording Sessions

Instead of waiting for college students to download episodes and give your podcast a try, you can host a special live recording session where students are invited to come listen and be a part of the show. A live recording session adds a whole different atmosphere to your podcast recording. You can have audience laughs and build on the energy that they supply. On college campuses, these recording sessions can be held at outdoor places, in small halls, or even in dorm room areas. Use social media posts and fliers to promote the session and encourage guests to hang out and hear it live. Afterwards, you can supply everyone with the links to the show so that they can share it with friends and other students.

USB Drives

The best way to make college students aware of your podcast is by giving it directly to them. Instead of just giving them a URL to go to, you can purchase bulk custom USB drives that are loaded with your podcast files already. An average one hour podcast will be around 60MB, giving you plenty of space to store multiple episodes on a 2GB USB drive. The custom design of the USB drive can feature your podcast logo or the website it is hosted on. Once you order a bulk selection, you can hand out the drives throughout the campus. Flash drives are often used in college for papers and assignments, so students may be eager to grab a free drive and give your show a listen while using the drive for other college needs. Along with handing the drives out, you can leave free drives in locations like libraries or college cafes.

Interactive Methods

Depending on the subject of your podcast, there are multiple ways to reach out to college students for interactive aspects of the show. For example, you could do a man on the street segment where you record sound bites from various college students. As you record the footage, you can give the students your podcast information so they can check it out later. The sound bites would vary on different subjects. For example, you could ask students about the best and worst parts of dorm life or any tips that you may have for incoming freshmen. Along with recording soundbites, you can feature text or call segments on the show. If the show features advice or opinionated topics, college students can interact and use their voice on your podcast. Spread the text or phone number through pamphlets and fliers that are hung around campus.

Featured Podcast Music

A lot of college students love to play music on the side. You can reach out to various bands and singers on campus to feature their songs and music on your podcast. By attending small concerts, open mics, and coffeehouse sessions, you can offer to feature songs and vocal tracks as part of your podcast. These songs can be used as introduction music, interlude music, or just a featured section of the podcast. It's a great way to network. You can feature the band or performer while they promote your podcast when they're featured on it.

By planning ahead, you can reach the biggest audience possible and use different marketing techniques to really spread the word about your podcast.