Three Ways To Get Inexpensive Computers For Your School District

Posted on: 28 June 2017

With every single school and school district now turning to tablets, laptops, and desktop computers to teach their students, your school district cannot be left behind. If it is one of the straggler districts that still does not have advanced technology for your students to use in and out of the classroom, your students will be behind their peers from other districts. If the problem is money, and there is not enough in the district budget for new computers, then there are three sources you can turn to to get the computers your district needs at a price the district can afford.

New, Like New, and Used

When you are trying to get computers for your district at an affordable price, you will find that you have three options. There are new computers at wholesale prices, like new computers at a discount price, and used computers that will suffice because they are functional and not totally out-of-date. You will have to discuss these options with the school board and the superintendent to decide what is most important to you and how much you are willing to pay.

Computer Wholesale Distributors

These retail outlets and companies have an overstock of computers, which they can sell at less than the manufacturer's suggested retail price. If you are dealing directly with a manufacturer, the manufacturer can tap into a surplus of inventory and sell these computers at wholesale. The computers are then shipped through a distributor to your schools. Wholesale prices can sometimes mean as much as fifty to seventy percent off the MSRP, which is a major benefit to your district. There are many computer wholesale distributors you can work with..

Computer Refurbishers

Computer refurbishing companies also sell discounted computers. The difference here is that these are essentially used computers that have been refurbished, updated, and sometimes even upgraded. The cost is significantly less than brand-new because the computers had prior owners before they were refurbished. Still, the majority of these computers look new, and to your students, they are.

Ask for Donated Computers

There are charitable groups that collect old computers and give them to those that need them. You can request that the computers you receive be younger than five years so that the software on them is not outdated. Quite often, these charities that collect and recycle computers and then donate them have several computers that are three years old and younger, since older cast-offs are not very useful.