Commercial Refrigerator Owners Need To Install LED Lights

Posted on: 7 August 2017

Commercial refrigerators are a popular way to keep a lot of food items cool and safe to eat. Few owners probably worry too much about their interior lighting options. However, installing LED lights can help save them money.

LED Light Is More Energy Efficient

LED lights are designed to use less energy than other types of refrigerator lighting options. For example, it is found that they save a total of 38 percent of total energy costs in a year. Those who own a large number of commercial refrigerators can save themselves a lot of money by switching to LED lights.

For example, if an owner pays about $2,000 a year on refrigerating electricity costs, 38 percent savings would be $760. As a result, they would pay just $1,240. If they owned more than one facility like this, they could save thousands of dollars every year and increase their profit margin appropriately.

It Also Lasts A Lot Longer

Energy efficiency is one of the best things about refrigerated LED lights. However, they are also a lot sturdier than normal fluorescent lights and will last for a lot longer. For example, the average LED light in a refrigerator can last for 50,000 hours. That is nearly six years of operation. By comparison, fluorescent lights last 30,000 hours or three and a half years.

Those extra hours can really add up over the life of a refrigerator. Consider the fact that most refrigerators LED lights will be operating for only a few minutes every day. This means that a typical LED light can last close to the entire life of the fridge.

Adding The Light To The Refrigerator

Those who are interested in upgrading their refrigerator with LED lights need to either hire a professional to do it for them or do a little upgrade work. For example, they can unplug their television, carefully remove their normal lights, and add their LED lights in the socket. It is important to use a silicone-sleeve or LED tape in the socket to hold the light in place and keep it working properly.

If mistakes occur while adding these lights, a professional can adjust their placement to ensure that nothing serious happens. For example, they can apply LED tape in a way that is more effective than what an amateur could do on their own.

Refrigerated LED lighting is designed to help people like you improve the energy efficiency of their home. It can be used in residential and commercial lighting units, making it a useful addition to a wide variety of homes. To learn more, contact a company like Beyond LED Technology.