Setting Up A Roller Derby, Old School: A Few Dozen Things You Will Need

Posted on: 23 November 2017

Roller derbies have made a major comeback. This rough-and-tumble sport of racing other rollerskaters in a high-walled rink with the goal to get a ball into the point zone is ranking high on a list of Saturday night events. If you are ready to add a roller derby rink to your rollerskating rink, you are going to need a few dozen things.

Bicolor Tubes

You already have these in the roller rink, but you will need several dozen more for the derby rink. It is not just the game that gets everyone pumped up. It is the current music played with mind-blowing sound and derby players finding their way in the partial darkness with the spinning, programmed bicolor tubes to light the way. All of the aesthetics, lights, and sounds turn the game into a frenzied event, and that is exactly what roller derby is supposed to be. Make sure you get bicolor tubes, like ones from Colt LED ,in a variety of lengths, brightness levels, colors, and even several black light/white light tubes.

Another Track

If you want to operate a flat track for roller derby, that is acceptable. However, if you also want to operate a rollerskating rink for regular patrons, you will need to build a second rink. Typically the second rink is shaped like a running track, the type you would see in a high school track and field event. That will require some major construction and possibly the loss of some parking space, but what you lose in parking space, you will more than make up financially when the word gets out that you have roller derbies happening.

A License to Operate and Promote Roller Derby Events

Unlike standard rollerskating, you will need a license to operate and promote a roller derby track. Many people are likely to get hurt on your property, and you can only issue participation waivers to guests and derby teams if you are licensed. Since these events draw large crowds, you may also want to put in a bar, in which case you will need a liquor license as well.

Hockey Walls

Roller derby is a contact sport. Even though it is predominantly women playing, it still gets quite volatile at times. To make sure a derby player is not hurled over the wall and into the crowd, it is a good idea to surround the derby rink with hockey walls. These tough, clear walls can keep the players in the game and protect the crowd simultaneously.