How A CAN Controller Can Streamline Your Setup

Posted on: 15 June 2021

The CAN Bus standard provided through a CAN controller is capable of acting as a centralized "brain" for your electronic network or component configuration. Why is it beneficial to use a centralized point of entry for your products or network? Here's how reaching out to a local supplier of CAN controllers may benefit your business.

Reduce Wiring and Free Up Space Under the Hood

When you have a centralized "brain" for your network or set up that multiple components can receive their needed information from, this may allow you to significantly reduce the amount of wiring you have under the hood of whatever electronic device your company is building. Removing wiring may free up additional space for other components, allow you to install additional cooling or other features, or allow you to make the entire device smaller, creating a more desirable form factor or saving you money on shipping costs.

One Component Failure Won't Shut Down Your Entire Operation

When you have a centralized network for your components, all data or information is routed through the same "brain." If some of this data is corrupted or contains an error, the CAN controller can shut down that specific node or component and prevent the bad data from harming the entire rest of the system. This may allow the rest of the network to remain in operation even if you experience a complete failure of one component. The ability to keep the rest of the system operating may assist you with creating a safer setup for your workers or your customers.

Streamline Communication to Reduce Cost and Errors

When you use the CAN Bus standard, all communication is streamlined through the central "brain" as was just described. The ability to keep errors in one component or part of the system from spreading as well as the ability to remove wiring throughout your network or setup are both things that could significantly reduce your company's costs. The transition to using CAN controllers will of course cost money during the initial setup, but you will likely find that that the final result will reduce your ongoing costs and put more money in your company's coffers month after month, allowing you to fully recoup your investment and then come out ahead when all is said and done.

Using a CAN Bus or CAN controller to manage your components or electronic network through a centralized source can streamline your entire operation, reduce the chances of a fatal error taking the entire system down, and will save you money on wiring and other costs.