• 3 Residential Applications Of Thermal Imaging

    Thermal imaging is often viewed as technology for law enforcement or military personnel, but private citizens may not consider how they can benefit from owning similar technology. With improved accessibility of thermal imaging, you may find there are several residential applications that will make your daily life easier. Provide More Security Conventional security cameras are useful for identifying people on your property; however, they are no longer useful in poorly lit environments.
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  • New Podcasts: 4 Ways To Promote A Show To College Students In-Person

    The key to a successful podcast is creating a base audience that can expand and help build listeners on a weekly basis. With so many podcasts available for download, it may be harder to reach people on a digital scale, but you could have better luck by reaching out to the listener directly. If your podcast audience is college students, then there are multiple ways that you can promote your podcast right on a college campus.
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